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X-Ray Imaging Available Daily in the San Fernando Valley

Accidents happen and can result in severe pain, limited mobility and other significant concerns requiring accurate imaging and prompt medical attention. Mend Urgent Care provides San Fernando Valley residents with high-quality, convenient digital X-Ray services on-site as part of your immediate care. Each of our Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and Van Nuys clinics is equipped with a full X-Ray suite.

Skilled technicians are always on-site to provide you with assistance during your imaging. We utilize a digital X-Ray imaging, allowing for immediate capture and review of high-quality image studies. Through this digital approach, our physicians and providers can promptly diagnose and treat your condition.

Sprains and most broken bones can be treated in our office without delay. Because we have excellent rates for cash-paying patients and we accept most HMO and PPO plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal, we are the sensible alternative to emergency room services when an X-Ray is needed for your condition.

Prompt Ultrasound Imaging and Diagnostics in a Convenient, Comfortable Setting

In addition to providing X-Ray imaging, we have mobile ultrasound imaging equipment available to help diagnose soft tissue problems during your visit. Ultrasound imaging methods use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body and can provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions. Our partner ultrasound technicians are ready to serve you daily with extended service hours including weekends.

Rather than visiting an imaging center or the emergency room, we can provide ultrasound imaging on-site at Mend as a more convenient alternative and in a more comfortable environment. If you are concerned about a soft tissue injury, walk into our clinic today for an ultrasound and let our medical team provide the care that you need.

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