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Screenings & Programs Live Well. Let Us Help.

The day-to-day choices you make influence whether you maintain vitality as you age or develop suboptimal health conditions.  While you may understand exactly what you need to do live well, like exercise and eat right, overcoming the inertia of jumping into wellness is a challenge.  Let us help with a number of wellness screenings & programs designed to give you the answers you need and with friendly coaching in the right direction.

Through our multiple wellness programs, Mend offers:

  • Vitamin & Micronutrient Deficiency Testing
  • Gut Health Testing
  • Sleep Studies
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • 10-Day Metabolic Detoxification Program
  • 30-Day Wellness Programs

Manage Disease By Optimizing Your Well-Being

Because so much of health depends on the body being in balance, and so much of disease is reliant upon the body being out of balance, a personal wellness program based on evidence and driven by results can be one of the clearest pathway towards optimal health. 

Common medical conditions that can be addressed across this range of programs (vitamin/nutrition levels, gut health, sleep patterns) include, but are not limited to, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, autoimmune dysfunction, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, mood disorders, sleep apnea, and weight management.

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